Ristorante Italiano



Butternut sqash purea tosted ciabatta bread

£ 7.25

Fritto Misto

Lightly floured deep fried squid and whitebait served with homemade tartar souce

£ 7.90


Filled with butter milk mozzarella cheese, home made focaccia bread, tomato and pesto

£ 7.95

Gamberoni alla Griglia

Grilled large king prawns seasoned with garlic parsley, extra virgin olive oil and wedge of lemon

£ 7.95

Linguine Porcini e Scampi

Langostine and prawns mixed mushrooms in a cherry tomato sauce with garlic, olive oil, pesto and cream

£ 13.95

Pollo alla Calabrese

Breast of chicken cooked with cherry tomato sauce, nduja (hot paste sausage), olives, new potatoes, peppers, garlic, white wine, oregano and served few leaves rocket salad

£ 14.50

Linguine alla Siciliana

Large king prawns and prawns cooked in cherry tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, white wine finish with rocket pesto souce and squize lemon juice

£ 15.95

Linguine MammaMia

A cherry tomato sauce with white wine, garlic, olive oil, langoustine, king prawn, fresh muscles, prawns and parsley

£ 16.95


Minimum 8oz Sirloin steak grilled and after sliced topped with rocket salad, cherry tomato, shave parmesan cheese and served with deep fried saute potatoes

£ 19.95